The #GE2010 Golden Dozen: pick of the Lib Dem blogs (16th April)

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

During the election campaign Lib Dem Voice is each day highlighting six blog-posts from the Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator which we think are well worth reading. But as the last 24 hours has been a little bit special, we’re doubling that to a golden dozen today.

Here’s our pick from 16th April …

Nick Clegg wins last night’s Leader Debate (Lynne Featherstone)
“It can be different,” says Nick.

Did you see a debate? (Malcolm Gladwell)

Not everyone enjoyed it: “I wasn’t happy with this debate. I felt we were getting hundreds of soundbites that came so thick and fast that none really meant anything

Day 3391: Debate Night – WE RULE!
(Millennium Dome, Elephant)

A fantastic imagined transcript, with the ringing conclusion: “He WON. I believe this is called a GAME CHANGER.”

The Leaders’ Debates – a minority view! (Paula Keveaney)
Pleased for Nick, but laments the debates: “Politics is, or should be, about ideas, policies.. about what sort of society we want. It should be about people choosing between approaches and ideals. I already feel that politics in this country is becoming too Presidential, too fixed on a few lead characters. These debates can only hasten that change.”

Nick pwns the opposition (Glen Goodall)

“I’m certain that the calls from the press of “Nick Clegg, who is he” are finally going to end!” And not before time.

Leaders’ Debate: The Fallout (Tom King)
Anticipating the second debate: “Clegg must not allow himself to become cautious, to attempt to protect his reputation as the burgeoning hope. The best way to consolidate that reputation is to continue to be bold and aggressive, sticking it to the other parties on Iraq in particular, but also on Europe.”

At last the 1983 show?
(Edis Bevan)

Deja vu all over again? “Expect a bombardment on the LibDems this time though, from both Tory and Labour. Neither can afford to let us fill the Official Opposition psychological slot. We need to draw on all our reserves of calm…”

Who was the revelation of the first leaders’ debate? (Alix Mortimer)
No, not how good Clegg was; but how bad was Cameron: “Anxious, sweaty, somehow indefinably lumpy (and something else…piscine?), many of his answers were delivered in the sort of rambling bark that works so well on the floor of the House of Commons and was clearly never, ever going to work on camera and to a studio audience.”

Leaders Debate – Lets wait and see (Bracknell Blog)
It’ll be the third debate which matters most: “I still believe the most important debate will be the last one on the BBC. This is because Sky will not have as many people tuning in and the BBC is the nearest to the election.”

Election day 11. polling day -20 (remember elections are won on the ground)
(Carl Minns)

Keeping his feet on the ground, literally: “Nick may have given us a good hit in the air war but as a rule Lib Dems don’t win their seats in the TV studios. We win in our communities by campaigning all year round and putting in an abnormal amount of effort at election time.”

The thing is, I know Clegg can do much better (Andy Strange)

Praises Nick’s “solid and well judged” performance, but … “Anyone who has seen Nick Clegg do a Q & A at conference, or attended any of his ‘Meet Nick Clegg’ events, or indeed seen his interview with Paxman this week, will know that purely in terms of the business of answering questions and making political points he can do much better.”

Clegg’s campaign: the view from afar (James Graham)

James is on-message: it must be election time: “it is clear from what we’ve seen throughout this week, starting with Nick’s assured performance on the BBC, followed by the much more astute messaging in the manifesto and election broadcast, that the leader’s debate was part of a wider strategy that he is getting right and not just a fluke. The messaging is clear and it links together seemlessly with Nick’s style and narrative.”

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