@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-04-16

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

  • just finished #GE2010 discussion for BBC R4 World Tonight – think I stayed on-message. Find out at 10pm ish. #
  • I just became a fan of "Vote Lib-Dem or Lose Your Internet" on Facebook http://bit.ly/aTN9nY << Pls join and RT #DEBill #
  • Here's an idea #Newsnight – why not interview some people who have a clue? #
  • @alexwilcock TY for the "fabulous". Didn't listen to it myself, but I'm sure I was. 🙂 #
  • @lordbonkers wasn't A Very Dangerous President a Jeffrey Archer novel? #
  • I took part in #GE2010 discussion on R4 World Tonight with @kevin_maguire + Anne McElvoy last nite http://bit.ly/cuLfqX << here from 21 mins #
  • RT @alexwilcock One I made earlier: Tory marriage & millionaires' tax breaks in a poster #GE2010 >> now on http://ldv.org.uk/18808 w/ thx #
  • @alexwilcock just listened again, q a lot cut (eg, on Adonis, hung P'ment + #libdems' new ideas): either I was too on-msg, or R4 didn't like in reply to alexwilcock #
  • http://twitpic.com/1ekx51 – Perfect delivering weather: someone forgot to tell Sod's Law there's an election on. #
  • Oooh, new BlackBerry Twitter app is actually useful + pretty. #geekwin #
  • @niallmurph Thx for joining Niall 🙂 in reply to niallmurph #
  • @langrabbie dropping out of your pocket more of a risk, I find – to my literal loss. in reply to langrabbie #
  • Me at the Grauniad >> I'm not seduced by Adonis http://bit.ly/d23rFM #
  • Web 2.0: the new election superweapon http://bit.ly/cWLgMi >> Good stuff from @gabyhinsliff with hon mensh for @markpack too #
  • So amused by desperate Tory attempts to rubbish @vincecable, I sat down to ask myself why they're doing it >> see @libdemvoice at 8.30 pm #
  • @wearefancy Are the David Heath action figures available to buy? in reply to wearefancy #
  • sreiously impressed by how relaxed, precise + passionate Nick's being in this interview. Paxo as lazy + annoying as ever. #
  • seriously impressed by how relaxed, precise + passionate Nick's being in this interview. Paxo as lazy + annoying as ever. #
  • Oh my God! Nick Clegg just killed Jeremy! As questions didn't put Nick off his stride, Paxo tried coughing fit instead. #
  • @paulwaugh Strongest mandate will be easy to define on 7th May. But not until then. So glad Clegg not answering silly W'minster Village Qs. #
  • @paulwaugh But what if more votes didn't give enough seats to allow LDs and Lab or Con to have majority? Speculation ad infinitum: pointless in reply to paulwaugh #
  • @michaelsavage It is literaly an impossible question to answer. Our crazy elect system gives so many permutations cannot give def answer. in reply to michaelsavage #
  • Greenslade: #GE2010 agenda "is being set, as before, by mainstream media with the net in the background" http://bit.ly/9uV1Hc << he's right. #
  • Gordon's funny – talk about a clunking jest. #gonick #leadersdebate #
  • Schoolboy error from Cameron – letting Nick Clegg explain his tax cut again. Has Dave debated before? #leadersdebate #
  • RT @TheBlueNation Blogpost: Clegg’s Debate clangers #leadersdebate << hmm, nice try, guys. Lib Dems are smiling tonight 🙂 #leadersdebate #
  • Good Lord >> RT @SkyNewsBreak New ITV/ComRes poll on voting intention, in full: Con 36% (-3), LibDem 35% ( 14), Lab 24% (-3), Others 5% (-8) #

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