The #GE2010 Golden Dozen: pick of the Lib Dem blogs (16th April)

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

During the election campaign Lib Dem Voice is each day highlighting six blog-posts from the Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator which we think are well worth reading. But as the last 24 hours has been a little bit special, we’re doubling that to a golden dozen today.
Here’s our pick from 16th April …
Nick Clegg wins last […]

@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-04-16

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

just finished #GE2010 discussion for BBC R4 World Tonight – think I stayed on-message. Find out at 10pm ish. # I just became a fan of "Vote Lib-Dem or Lose Your Internet" on Facebook << Pls join and RT (…)

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Four celebrity ‘twumbs-ups’ for Nick Clegg #iagreewithnick

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

Here are four approving sleb tweets spotted during the course of the debate …

John Cleese (comedy god)
Well, well, well. First leaders debate, and LibDems do so well. Good
luck to them.
Phillip Schofield (TV presenter)
It’ll be fascinating to see how that’s altered the polls. I’m thinking Mr Clegg hasn’t done himself any harm tonight #leadersdebate
Graham Linehan (writer, […]

Pollwatch Day 10 #GE2010 – Lib Dems at 20%, Lab 31%, Tories 38%

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

Amidst all the excitement of the debate we neglected to report the latest two polls released last night:

YouGov in the Sun … CON 37%(-4), LAB 31%(-1), LIB DEM 22%(+4).
TNS BMRB … CON 36%(-2), LAB 33%(nc), LIB DEM 22%(+3).

Still no change in Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report ‘poll of polls’ average – but I suspect that […]

LDVideo Leaders Debate Special: Nick Clegg’s opening and closing statements

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

Want to see Nick Clegg’s opening and closing statements from last night’s televised election debate – well, here you go …
Nick Clegg’s 60-second opening statement in the first ever British televised general election debate

(Also available to view on YouTube here).
Nick Clegg’s 90-second closing statement: there is a real alternative to the tired old Labservative parties

(Also […]

Nick Clegg leaders’ debate win: your LDV reader

by Stephen Tall on April 16, 2010

Here’s a welcome problem to have this morning … wading our way through the sheer volume of media news that’s positive for the Lib Dem following Nick Clegg’s terrific performance in last night’s televised lesaders’ debate.
Let’s make a start with the newspaper editorials:
Nick Clegg’s night (Guardian)
Expectations shape reactions, which is why Britain’s first televised […]