The #GE2010 Golden Half-Dozen: pick of the Lib Dem blogs (9th April)

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2010

During the election campaign Lib Dem Voice is each day highlighting six blog-posts from the Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator which we think are well worth reading.
Here’s our pick from 8th April …

Stuart MacLennan: Why was a Labour candidate talking about “chavs”? (Jonathan Calder)
Protesting against the frankieboyleisation of society: “What is a Labour candidate – […]

@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-04-09

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2010

How the UK news media fails when it comes to reporting opinion polls (via the fab # 2 days of holiday to spare? Then try C-Span's archive (incl JFK/Nixon '60 debate) via @pwire # First column for (…)

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3 to see: Lib Dem #GE2010 campaign coverage (9/4/10)

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2010

Pushed for time, but want to keep up-to-date with how the campaign’s going? Here are today’s must-reads ….
Cameron adviser discloses cuts detail (
Anyone who heard David Cameron’s BBC Radio 4 Today Programme interview today will have heard him squirming when asked to confirm the report in the Financial Times today that the Tories’ tax-cuts could […]

Tory VAT tax rises and Michael Caine … the spoof posters collection

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2010

On the day that the Lib Dems tried to smoke out the Tories’ true position on whether they’ll jack-up VAT by 3% – annual cost to the average household, £389 – to pay for their unfunded tax-cuts, David Cameron was joined by a man worth £45m who rather likes the Tories’ promise to cut taxes […]