The #ge2010 Golden Half-Dozen: pick of the Lib Dem blogs (7th April)

by Stephen Tall on April 7, 2010

During the election campaign Lib Dem Voice will each day be highlighting six blog-posts from the Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator which we think are well worth reading.

Here’s our pick from 7th April, the first full day’s campaigning …

  • There’s an election coming – hurrah! (Lynne Featherstone)
  • Lynne on the joys of standing for re-election: “It’s been an absolute privilege and a joy to be the MP in Hornsey & Wood Green, representing the constituency where I went to school, where I got married and where I have worked for many years.”

  • Stop Whinging, Big Business (The Futility Monster)
  • Deeply unimpressed by the Tory campaign against the National Insurance rise: “There’s something truly wrong about our political rhetoric if the discourse is dominated by whether we need to vote one party or the other because they will look after business more. No. Politics is about people.”

  • Labour and Conservatives (Labservatives) combine to stop reform and truncate debate on Digital Economy Bill (John Hemming)
  • On the ridiculous last day of Parliament wash-up: “We are going into a general election in which all parties claim to support parliamentary reform. The reality is, however, that Labour and the Conservatives oppose reform when they have the chance to really change things.”

  • General Election Blues (Craig Murray)
  • Craig really isn’t looking forward to the next four weeks: “I was in a TV studio this morning and Mandelson was on screen in the background the whole time, so haven’t been able to face turning on the TV today in case I throw something at it.”

  • General Election called (Daisy Benson)
  • But this Lib Dem candidate is champing at the campaigning bit: “This is the first time I’ve stood for Parliament and however much you prepare for it when the day arrives I’d defy anyone to feel some trepidation – even old timers. All very exciting though and I’m very much up for the fight.”

  • Conservative health policy – can you spot the contradictions? (Mark Valladares)

  • If you can’t spot the contradictions, don’t worry, our favourite Liberal Bureaucat is on hand to expose them: “There is a lack of consistency here that may well be exposed, and if the Conservatives don’t show some fiscal discipline soon, the currency markets may well take the decision out of their hands.”

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