Lib Dems launch

by Stephen Tall on March 30, 2010

Lib Dems still reeling from Vince Cable’s debate victory in Ask the Chancellors, have another reason to be reeling today … the party has launched a subversive multimedia viral ad campaign – – and it’s a 24-carat success.

The Labservative pitch is clear enough: Labour and the Tories are way too similar, and neither is capable of producing change. It’s a familiar enough Lib Dem campaign charge. It’s a pleasantly unfamiliar position for the party to be making the point in a wittily Web 2.0 way. Well done, Cowley Street!

Here’s the video:

And here’s one of the posters:

Wondering how you can help promote How about:

  • You can visit the website here
  • You can watch the video here (don’t forget to favourite it)
  • You can read the Labservative manifesto here
  • You can comment here
  • You can follow @GorvidCamerown on Twitter here (#labservative is already trending)
  • You can buy tasteful Labservative merchandise here
  • And you can share the poster campaign here

PS: I wonder how much more the Tories’ failed CashGordon website cost compared to this?