What does Zac make of the Tories’ latest nuclear policy?

by Stephen Tall on March 28, 2010

Just four months ago, the Tories’ non-dom candidate for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, promised that his party would “ring in era of integrity” – and insisted no new nuclear power stations would be built under a Tory government.

Zac told The Guardian last December:

… that if the party sticks to its existing policy, it would never allow the building of a new nuclear power station. He said Tory policy “was to give a green light to nuclear power as long as there is no call on the taxpayer, not just in terms of building, but maintenance, security and disposal of waste.. In the history of nuclear power there has never been a station built without huge use of taxpayers’ subsidy”.

I wonder, therefore, what Zac will have made of shadow energy spokesman Greg Clark’s declaration that a Tory government will open a nuclear power station every 18 months. Admitting that in the past the Tories have been studiously ambiguous about their support for nuclear power, Mr Clark says:

‘In the past, we haven’t been entirely clear – this is a very clear statement that we are in favour of nuclear power’. … Mr Clark said he intended to allow energy firms to open at least one new nuclear plant every 18 months, starting in 2018, to help plug a looming power gap. A Conservative government would ask Parliament to approve a national energy plan, limiting the chances of legal challenges by environmental groups.

Poor Zac. First the Tories force him to pay tax just like the rest of us. Now the Tories have turned a deaf ear to the advice of their one-time green champion. Ouch.

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