Cameron filmed confused and clueless in gay equality TV interview

by Stephen Tall on March 23, 2010

Channel 4 tonight broadcast excerpts from a quite extraordinary filmed interview with David Cameron in which the Tory leader appears utterly confused and clueless about his party’s position on the issue of gay equality. After stumbling over his own words, contradicting himself, and admitting he hasn’t got the answer, a visibly flustered Mr Cameron eventually pleads for the cameras to be turned off so that he can compose himself.

Here’s the six-minute report in full:

(Also available on the Channel 4 website here).

That Mr Cameron has run into trouble on the issue of gay equality is wholly predictable. (That he went into meltdown in front of the TV cameras a little less predictable). Lib Dem Voice has on three occasions this year highlighted the many contradictions between what Mr Cameron says his party believes, and how the Tory party votes:

In stark contrast, Nick Clegg has set out in crystal clear terms five firm proposals he would move to implement as Lib Dem policy to promote gay equality.

Of course, I may be underestimating the Tory leader. It could be he’s read the coverage of the imminent leaders’ debates – and the widespread media speculation that Mr Cameron will be a clear winner – and thought how he might lower expectations of his performance. A car-crash TV interview, in which Mr Cameron could show himself not to be up for the job, was perhaps felt to be the only way he could respond. Certainly his on-screen meltdown puts even Charles Kennedy’s stuttering manifesto launch performance in 2005 into perspective.