Telegraph: country’s first female director of adult films selected as Lib Dem parliamentary candidate

by Stephen Tall on March 11, 2010

Here’s the story, Female adult film director runs for parliament with Lib Dems, which presumably earned its place in the Torygraph thanks to the titillating headline it teed-up:

Anna Arrowsmith, managing director of adult film company Easy on the Eye, will stand for the party in Gravesham, Kent. Under her pseudonym Anna Span the 38-year-old has produced around 300 pornographic films. She has specialised in “women friendly” films, with titles like Where’s the Rent Boys aimed at female erotica enthusiasts.

Mrs Arrowsmith asked the people of Gravesend not to judge her on the sins of her industry and pointed to her background as a campaigner for women’s rights. The Lib Dems finished third in Gravesham in 2005 with just 4,851 votes.

She said: “I have gone into the industry with a view to changing it and making it more female friendly. In this day and age people who live in a democratic society should be able to choose what they want to watch.”

She added: “I have spent years campaigning for equal opportunities for female workers and I think this has given me an excellent experience for the coming campaign.”

Named best director in the 2008 and 2009 UK Adult Film and Television Awards, Mrs Arrowsmith, who also has a degree in fine arts and a Masters in Philosophy, is becoming involved in politics for the first time. …

A Liberal Democrats Party spokesperson said: “We are proud to have candidates throughout the country with a great diversity of backgrounds and life experiences. Anna will be a strong candidate for Gravesham and with her family links to the area we believe she is the best person to bring fairness to local people.”

Anyone bothered by this? Thought not. As Lib Dem blogger Alex Wilcock once proposed – with tongue only slightly suggestively in cheek – perhaps the party should adopt the slogan, ‘Liberal Democrats: the party that says sex is all right’.

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