LDVideo: dodgy Tory stats, Nick’s online Q&A, and the Wallander-inspired Lib Dem PPB

by Stephen Tall on February 27, 2010

Welcome to this latest LDVideo instalment, highlighting three political video clips from the past week.
First up, there’s Lies, damn lies and Conservative statistics courtesy Political Scrapbook (and with a nod towards this iconic Guinness advert):

(Hat-tip: Left Foot Forward. Available on YouTube here).
Secondly, here’s Nick Clegg responding to questions posted to Facebook (Facebook.com/nickclegg) and Twitter (@Nick_Clegg) […]

The Saturday Debate: Freedom of speech should have no limits

by Stephen Tall on February 27, 2010

Here’s your starter for ten as we continue our new Saturday slot posing a view for debate:
All liberals will happily sign up to the concept of free speech. But the practise of it often makes us uneasy. JS Mill summed up the dilemma by asserting that while all opinions should be aired, one can’t “shout […]