The most popular blogs with LDV readers

by Stephen Tall on February 20, 2010

We published the results of our most recent survey of Lib Dem Voice’s 1,000-strong private members’ discussion forum – open to any party member to join – last week: you can catch up with what Lib Dem members thought about a variety of issues by clicking here.

In addition to the policy and party issues raised, we asked a couple of questions about party members’ blog-reading habits. Here’s what we learned …

LDV asked: How did you first find out about Lib Dem Voice?

You told us:

  • Word of mouth 30%
  • Just came across it 26%
  • Link from Lib Dem blog 13%
  • Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator 11%
  • Other (please state) 10%
  • Liberal Democrat News 8%
  • Link from non-Lib Dem blog 2%

Of those who stated ‘Other’, Lib Dem-related internet discussion forums,, Liberal Conspiracy and Facebook were all mentoned. As was Mark Pack (though I guess that counts as word-of-mouth). Many of you couldn’t remember, of course, and a couple of you said thought LDV had always existed, which we’ve assumed to be a compliment.

LDV then asked: How often do you normally read Lib Dem Voice?

You told us:

  • Every day 29%
  • Most days each week 27%
  • Once or twice a week 20%
  • A few times a month 9%
  • Once or twice a month 7%
  • Once every few months or so 8%
  • Never 1%

The vast majority – 76% – of those who completed the survey (a self-selecting sample, of course) read LDV every week: thank you, all of you, for your loyalty. Bizarrely, two people did say they’d never read LDV, which invites the question as to how they managed to sign up for the LDV members’ forum in order to receive the survey in the first place … but we’ll let that pass.

Finally, LDV asked: Which other politics blogs (if any) do you read? Please tick all that apply.

One obvious omission from the list above (I realised only afterwards) was Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report, a blog which has a devoted following among more poll-obsessed devotees. Vote-2007, though not strictly a blog, was also mentioned a handful of times, as were: The Spectator’s Coffee House, Tory Bear, Paul Waugh and Chicken Yoghurt. Many other blogs, too numerous to mention, received honourable mentions.

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