@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-02-12

by Stephen Tall on February 12, 2010

@NickThornsby You young bastard! It was 15 years ago for some of us 🙁 in reply to NickThornsby # Join the debate -> RT @libdemvoice The Saturday debate: Let's just admit it – our society actually is broken http://ldv.org.uk/17825 # (…)

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Boris and Wolf: The two best arguments in favour of a hung parliament

by Stephen Tall on February 12, 2010

Two articles by broadsheet columnists on the prospect of a hung parliament bookended this week. In their contrasting ways, both made a convincing pitch for the attractions of neither Labour nor Tories ending up with an overall majority at the next general election.
First up is Martin Wolf from the Financial Times, writing today that Britain […]

Hung parliament – 63% of Lib Dem members back equidistance from Labour and Tories

by Stephen Tall on February 12, 2010

Ah, the question the media loves, and Lib Dems hate: just who would the party back if there were a hung parliament?
Now we’ve asked this question before in an attempt to get the media to understand the position of Lib Dem members (despite the wilful attempts of BBC2’s The Daily Politics to mislead viewers […]