@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-02-05

by Stephen Tall on February 5, 2010

  • damn, forgot to cancel New Statesman Kindle subscription before 14-day trial ended. Is it worth $5.49 a month? #
  • @nmackinnon true. And it seems to take less time to read without the ads. in reply to nmackinnon #
  • @caronmlindsay s'alright – I can cancel and only pay a month's worth. in reply to caronmlindsay #
  • Phew, that's my online self-assessment done, and I'm only £12.30 the poorer for it. (Not counting time wasted waiting for HMRC site to load) #
  • Betfair Blog "reasons for LIb Dems to be cheerful about their 2010 general election chances" http://bit.ly/aJrP1G #
  • there is a distinct but slim possibility I might be on time for @libdemvoice meet-up for 1st time ever. #
  • Congrats to @JohnPhilipGlen on winning Tory Salisbury nomination. Like @TimMontgomerie a lovely guy, though clearly politically wrong 🙂 #
  • @NickThornsby Agreed, PoliticsHomePRO is really rather good. Wonder how long it is before they start charging for it? #
  • That'll teach ComRes to trust Guido with a 10pm embargo -> RT @guidofawkes: ComRes Indy poll will show further Tory slippage to 7% lead #
  • RT @iainmartinwsj Com Res, has Tory lead of 7 points… Tories not leaving much room for error, are they? <- busy filling the room it seems. #
  • John Terry's real sin? Trying to thwart the tabloids, says Bagehot http://bit.ly/aAC9wR <- true 'nuff, but super-injunction his own fault. #
  • As Spinal Tap said, such a fine line between stupid + clever. As Austen Mitchell is *so* proving on #tboc #
  • Sense of hopeless despair? Life always dull? Then start a petition to present to your local councillor. It keeps Lib Dems chipper. #tboc #
  • RT @libdemvoice New post: Annoyed by BBC Question Time panel selection? Then you know what to do. http://ldv.org.uk/17828 #bbcqt #
  • You're cited: @markreckons @alexwilcock and @hypnotic http://ldv.org.uk/17828 #bbcqt #
  • Top 5 commentators according to Press Gazette poll: Parris, Jenkins, Clarkson, Letts, Toynbee http://bit.ly/aWnXc3 <- bloggers fared poorly. #
  • Sun polls ahead of Guardian, Times and Telegraph as best-rated source for comment, analysis and opinion http://bit.ly/9sPcYf <- FTW, chokes. #
  • RT @libdemvoice New post: MPs' Expenses Repayments: how the parties compare http://ldv.org.uk/17837 <- better than Lab/Tories for the record #

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