Peter Tatchell’s message to LDV readers

by Stephen Tall on January 19, 2010

Yesterday we announced that Peter Tatchell had won LDV’s annual Liberal Voice of the Year award (open only to non-Lib Dems) in recognition of his fearless campaigning work for international human rights. We emailed Peter to let him know the news, and here’s the message he sent to all LDV readers …

Wow! What an honour. I’m chuffed. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

What a surprise too. A socialist Green wins Liberal Voice of the Year.
It shows that your readers are non-sectarian and inclusive, putting
values and principles above party politics, which is how it should be.

There are progressive people in all parties, apart from the BNP and
possibly UKIP. We should work together more, focusing on what we have in common rather than what divides us.

In Britain, majority opinion is broadly liberal, green and left. If
people from these three political strands cooperated more closely, and
if we had had a fair voting system, Britain never need again suffer a
Conservative government. We could move the country forward on a
progressive agenda.

At the international level, it has been a real privilege to write and
campaign in support of the freedom struggles in Iran, Russia,
Balochistan, Uganda, Iraq, Somaliland, West Papua, Sudan, Palestine
and Saudi Arabia. The democracy activists in these countries are truly
heroic and inspirational. I crawl in their shadows.

One of the things I have learned from my 43 years of human rights
campaigning is that no matter how small and weak we may feel, we can all make our mark. I do my bit for human rights, as do millions of
others like yourselves. Together, cumulatively and collectively,
slowly but surely, we are making a better world. Onward, upward,

Warmest regards,

Peter Tatchell

Peter has written an article for Lib Dem Voice – for our ‘The Independent View’ strand – on Uganda, which we’ll be publishing tomorrow.

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