Poll of teachers puts Lib Dems in third place at 14%

by Stephen Tall on January 16, 2010

Now LDV doesn’t, as our readers know, usually focus on individual opinion polls – but this one’s a little out of the ordinary, as it focuses on the voting intentions of teachers. The survey of nearly 4,000 teachers for the education charity the Sutton Trust by Ipsos MORI revealed the following voting intentions:

  • Labour 25%
  • Tories 18%
  • Lib Dems 14%

Here’s what the Independent had to say about the poll in relation to the Lib Dems:

Today’s poll showed the Liberal Democrats lagging behind the two main parties with just 14 per cent. Traditionally, third parties have done well in polls of teachers – heading polls in the 1980’s. The only minority parties to figure in the poll were the Greens with three per cent support and Plaid Cymru with one per cent.

In addition to those naming a party, 10% said they wouldn’t vote under any circumstances, 15% said they were undecided, and 14% refused to say.

The Lib Dems’ national poll ratings are a little lower than were the Alliance’s in the 1980s – but, still, should the party be concerned that it’s ratings among teachers are lower than those for the Tories? If so, how can the Lib Dems boost our ratings?