@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2010-01-08

by Stephen Tall on January 8, 2010

  • multi-tasking by filling up my Kindle while watching Poirot. That's what Sunday nights should be about. #
  • have finally taken advice of @markpack and registered for http://NutshellMail.com Let's see if it works #
  • Jan 2005: Mr Brown's reputation will become tarnished by the time of the 2009 election, which it is his destiny to lose http://bit.ly/6JESv4 #
  • deeply unimpressed to discover my WiiFit age is 44. I am 32. #
  • for the record, WiiFit reckons I have ideal BMI and excellent centre of gravity – so not all bad. But 4-effing-4. Boo, hiss. #
  • @MarkReckons perhaps it just automatically adds on +12 so that none of us gets too smug? I'm happy with that theory. #
  • RT @joswinson http://twitpic.com/wr2c9 there's something a bit fake about the new Tory poster. is it Dave's message or just the airbrushing? #
  • http://twitpic.com/wsb1q – Only a light dusting of snow so far in Oxford city (+ already thawing: rubbish). #
  • okay, that's the @commentisfree article on the LDs and 'hung parliament' written. Now to catch up on my @libdemvoice blogging duties. #
  • Intriguing, quite lidderally –> RT @paulwaugh Happy New Plot. The static about a challenge to Gordon is intensifying. http://bit.ly/4Ckgum #
  • well, intriguing for all of a few minutes -> RT @NewStatesman: Revealed: Minister rumoured to resign is Tessa Jowell http://bit.ly/4Cqf4N #
  • Finalising, with my @libdemvoice colleagues, shortlist for the prestigious Liberal Voice of 2009 award http://bit.ly/6CufY6 #
  • hmm, I know it's 12th night an' all, but I don't fancy taking down the outdoor Xmas lights in this weather. Is that 7 yrs bad luck? #
  • Well, @caronmlindsay Wiki (and OED) says 5th Jan is 12th night http://bit.ly/7vxCjN but also notes there's "some confusion" – clearly! #
  • http://twitpic.com/wtkaf – Ok, now we're talking. Must be 8cm of snow so far. Still falling heavily. Yay 🙂 #
  • Now @libdemvoice is 4th: how? -> RT @lordbonkers The new Wikio rankings http://liberalengland.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-wikio-rankings.html #
  • http://twitpic.com/wvuqd – Snowy view from bedroom window. 20cm, still falling. Home-working today, I think. #
  • @markpack yes, that'd be it 😉 #
  • well, there's a sentence you don't read every day -> RT @MarkReckons Missus measured it first thing this morning at 16cm #
  • @MarkReckons @iaindale They've no right to expect more than 16cm, not when it's this cold 😉 #
  • Have to say, Cameron's getting a roasting from Brown at #pmqs today. #
  • yeah, cos this'll work -> RT @paulwaugh The Standard has the Hoon/Hewitt letter bombshell. http://bit.ly/58kPme #
  • Well, I never expected to see that … 'Geoff Hoon' is a trending topic on Twitter. #
  • Snowing heavily again in Oxford. It's doing a fantastic job of cleaning the conservatory roof. #
  • I see Guido's swallowing the CCHQ spin. Again. RT @guidofawkes Did Dave Deliberately Pull His Punches at PMQs? http://bit.ly/5F6ovf #
  • Now that's true fame -> RT @alexfoster Heh, q on mumsnet "Do you agree with @stephentall…" <- @nickclegg The right answer was yes. #
  • http://twitpic.com/x1534 – All set for the walk to work. (Not biking today). #
  • http://twitpic.com/x17cs – View from Oxford's Rad Cam, looking to the Bodleian + Exeter College spire. #
  • so struggled into work to find internet screwed – so no email or d/base. Wd have been better off staying at home. #workfail #
  • Did BBC's Nick Robinson over-compensate for failure to predict Hoon-Hewitt plot? Yes, says Mandate blog – http://bit.ly/5f3c3J #

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