@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2009-12-11

by Stephen Tall on December 11, 2009

  • RT @libdemvoice New post: The LDV Friday Five (ish): 4/12/09 http://ldv.org.uk/17072 <- with new ACT groups top 5 specially for @jamesgraham #
  • Olly a bit insipid; Joe vv soulful – amazing voice – but Stace's giving the knockout #xfactor performance tonight. #
  • @christopherward hmm, but what's wrong with a bit of 'amateur cabaret'? Spiced up #xfactor for me. #
  • Danyl better than I was expecting – but why does he always perform as if he's in front of a mirror rather than an audience? #xfactor #
  • based on those 2 performances, Olly's in trouble tonight – vv bad choices of song by Mr Cowell. #xfactor #
  • ahh, lovely Joe. He well deserves to win, tho I don't wish being managed by Simon Cowell's label on him. Hope he goes the Will Young route. #
  • gotta love Stacey – but think she should record an audiobook rather than an album – I'd definitely pay to hear her speak out loud. #xfactor #
  • Danyl just sent me into a coma: DULL. #xfactor #
  • are ITV2 really parading Michael Jackson's glove as some kind of trophy? Why are people cheering a dead guy's fashion hand-warmer? #xfactor #
  • finished my #xfactor obsessing … now catching up with BBCR4's Smiley classic serial – who is the mole? (Don't tell me, not read the books) #
  • RT @libdig 'Dear me: A letter to my sixteen-year-old self' by @rfenwick http://libdig.co.uk/1675 <- a great piece of honest writing. #
  • RT @libdig 'Rod Liddle Has Shit For Brains' by @CharlotteGore http://libdig.co.uk/1674 <- a good old-fashioned liberal rant. Great stuff. #
  • Olly lucky to survive, but Danyl a too-slick, one-trick pony. Oh, and Go Joe. #xfactor #
  • will a third of LD voters actually switch to Lab? Anthony Wells talks some good sense http://bit.ly/4qv10T – @theredbox – it's worth a read! #
  • RT @libdig 'Email Is Not Dead' – Genuinely useful tips on 'How to Write Effective Subject Lines' for your emails http://libdig.co.uk/1676 #
  • @sernovitz on how to keep your email list from shrinking http://bit.ly/8oLopA <- simply offer readers a clear choice of unsubscribe options #
  • The 2009 Procrastinator’s Guide to Year-End Fundraising http://bit.ly/7w9Nie <- A brilliant, brief online fundraising A-Z. #
  • http://twitpic.com/sjxg8 – Woo, the excitement – my first Twitpic (hopefully) #
  • @helenduffett – okay, let's not get too meta. #
  • RT @MarkReckons Blogpost: BBC responds about dropping Jo Swinson from BBC Question Time #bbcqt http://bit.ly/5VYgYT #
  • liking the FT letter of @NickThornsby on how Lib Dem tax plans can make system fairer and simpler http://bit.ly/4x9a6p #
  • Grrr, Don Foster in blatant, populist, rent-a-quote, BBC-bashing cash-in http://bit.ly/7h1ivm I like the guy but pls move him from Culture #
  • @greg4mp harsh … but fair. This wasn't a one-off comment. Plenty of liberal stuff to be said about culture. Don's not saying it. #
  • 'The Real Secret for Fundraising Success … It’s All About the Story!' by @pamelagrow http://bit.ly/7SO9GD <- emotional hook is key #
  • http://twitpic.com/sxdmz – Yay, the new bike is here … No more long, pricey bus journeys. #
  • http://twitpic.com/t2j88 – Loving the final day of the Kapoor exhibition at Royal Academy. #

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