LDV doesn’t do statporn, but if we did (Nov. ‘09)

by Stephen Tall on December 1, 2009

… We’d say a big thank you to the 29,252 ‘absolute unique visitors’* who read Liberal Democrat Voice in November.

This brings our absolute unique visitor readership for the last year to date (1 Dec 2008 – 30 Nov 2009) to 292,073, over 40% higher than the equivalent figure for 2007-08 of 205,099.

The 5 top-read stories during the month were:

1. Lib Dem Voice publishes exclusive general election prediction (55) by Mark Pack
2. NEW POLL: Who do you least want to be Prime Minister in a year’s time: Gordo or Dave? (52) by Stephen Tall
3. Lib Dem HQ: read what Nick said, not what the press reported! (68) by Stephen Tall
4. Cambridge MP David Howarth to stand down (15) by The Voice
5. How do the messages on the main political party websites compare? (13) by Mark Pack

Whether you’re a regular here, or an occasional ‘popper-by’, we’re delighted you looked in. And if you enjoy reading LDV, why not try writing for LDV?

* Google Analytics’ term: it broadly means people using almost 30,000 different computers visited LDV at least once. Some people may be counted more than once (eg, home and work computer),whilst some people may not be counted (eg, two different people use the same computer, or someone reads the site through a feed reader without ever actually visiting it).

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