‘Best of the Noughties’: LDV’s Polls of the Decade

by Stephen Tall on December 1, 2009

It’s December, folks, and the last month of the decade* we’ve never quite been able to bring ourselves to call ‘The Noughties’. In celebration of its passing, Lib Dem Voice will be running a series of polls for which we’re seeking your help.

What categories would you like to see polled? My draft list of 21 includes the following politics, media and culture ‘Best ofs’:

  • Liberal Democrat Politician of the Decade
  • Liberal Democrat Backbencher of the Decade
  • Conservative Politician of the Decade
  • Labour Politician of the Decade
  • Most Influential Campaigner of the Decade
  • Best Political Speech of the Decade
  • Best By-election Performance of the Decade
  • Best International Politician of the Decade
  • Best Political Gaffe of the Decade
  • Most Desperate Press Release of the Decade
  • Sexiest Male Politician of the Decade
  • Sexiest Female Politician of the Decade
  • Defining Political Moment of the Decade
  • Best Political Broadcaster of the Decade
  • Best Political Programme (TV/radio) of the Decade
  • Best Political Commentator/Columnist of the Decade
  • Best Satirist/Comedian/Humourist of the Decade
  • Best Political (Auto)Biography of the Decade
  • Best Political Film of the Decade
  • Best Magazine/Publication of the Decade

And finally there’s LDV’s prestigious

  • Liberal Voice of the Decade award

The annual Liberal Voice award was won in 2007 by Shami Chakrabati of Liberty, and in 2008 by Campaigners on behalf of Jean Charles de Menezes (Justice4Jean.org) and Stockwell Shooting Inquest Jury.

Now’s your chance to lobby for other categories, or to nominate potential winners to be voted for by LDV’s readers.

* away with your pedant’s nonsense that the decade doesn’t finish ‘til 31st December, 2010.

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