Zac Goldsmith’s non-dom tax status: your LDV reader

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

Plenty of coverage – both in the national media and on Lib Dem blogs – of the Sunday Times’ revelations that multimillionaire Tory candidate for Richmond Park Zac Goldsmith has ‘non-dom’ status to avoid paying tax in the UK on any of his offshore wealth.

Here’s what Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, said:

He’s not fit to sit in Parliament when he’s claimed non-dom status all his life to keep his offshore hundreds of millions free of income, capital gains or inheritance tax.”

Here’s a round-up of some of the news coverage:

I thought this was a telling comment from Ben Brogan in one of the Torygraph articles linked to, above:

It would be nice to think that grassroots Tories can summon up as much indignation about those who keep their wealth out of the taxman’s reach as they do about the behaviour of women candidates.


The BBC’s Andrew Neil links the Tories’ latest embarrassment to the way in which last week’s PMQs attack by David Cameron – focusing on alleged Islamist influence in schools receiving public funding – unravelled owing to some basic errors in the party’s research, and asks: “Are the Tories becoming just a tad accident prone and overly nervous?”

Finally, here’s a list of Lib Dem bloggers who’ve covered the revelations about Mr Goldsmith:

Please do add any links which I’ve missed, or published subsequent to this post.

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