LDVideo … Mandy, Clegg and Coulson

by Stephen Tall on November 28, 2009

Welcome to the latest LDVideo instalment, featuring three of the most memorable video clips doing the rounds on the blogosphere.

First up, is a rather catchy little email ditty in honour of Lord Mandelson’s implausible-but-deadly-serious Digital Econmy Bill, courtesy of Dan Bull:

As Dan would wish me to add: If you disapprove of the Bill, sign the petition, or write your own message to Lord Mandelson.

Second up, here’s Nick Clegg’s second question from this week’s PMQs – and it’s a real barnstormer, which has earned Nick deserved acclaim from across the political spectrum:

And finally, for today, Beau Bo D’or recalls David Cameron’s encomium for the honour and integrity of his spinmeister Andy Coulson – this week found to have exhibited “a consistent pattern of bullying behaviour” in his previous job as the disgraced editor of the News of the World.

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