Tories hoist by their own Christmas card

by Stephen Tall on November 26, 2009

David Cameron two years ago:

The idea that anyone ever could be offended by a Christmas card that says “Merry Christmas and happy new year” and we’ve got to send one saying “Season’s greetings”; I think it’s just insulting tosh. ‘In fact, people – Muslims and Jews – are offended because it’s treating them in a silly and politically correct way.

Spool forward a couple of seasons Christmases, and there are more than a few red faces at Tory HQ, as The Times’s Ruth Gledhill notes :

Two years ago, David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said banning Nativity plays and replacing ‘Merry Christmas’ signs with ‘Season’s greetings’ risked offending people from other faiths by patronising them. Now the Conservative Party’s own Christmas card has been released – and it substitutes Season’s Greetings for Happy Christmas.

Thus has the ghost of season’s greetings past visited a one-time scourge of political correctness, giving bloggers around the world an early Christmas present and proving once more that there really is a God.

Well quite.

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