LDVideo … Balls, Murdoch & Jon Culshaw’s Brown rap

by Stephen Tall on November 21, 2009

Welcome to the latest LDVideo instalment, featuring three of the most memorable video clips doing the rounds on the blogosphere.

First up is Ed Balls – the guy might have a debating style reminiscent of a school bully demanding tuck money, but here he completely out-smarts tongue-tied Tory education spokesman Michael Gove:

(Hat-tip: Sam Coates).

The second clip shows Rupert Murdoch furiously denying suggestions that he alleged President Obama made a racist remark, followed by Rupert Murdoch alleging that President Obama made a racist remark:

(Hat-tip: Marbury).

And finally for today, enjoy impressionist Jon Culshaw’s G. Brown rap (”I’ll go cap in my hand to the I to the M to the F”):

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