The LDV Friday Five (ish): 20/11/09

by Stephen Tall on November 20, 2009

What could be simpler: five categories, each with five links. And it’s Friday.

5 most-read stories on LDV this week

1. NEW POLL: Who do you least want to be Prime Minister in a year’s time: Gordo or Dave? (43) by Stephen Tall
2. How do the messages on the main political party websites compare? (10) by Mark Pack
3. A Labour gain, but no revival (25) by Iain Roberts
4. Lib Dem Voice publishes exclusive general election prediction (43) by Mark Pack
5. Nick’s Sheffield Hallam opponent quits as Tory candidate after just 10 days (15) by The Voice

5 recent Lib Dem tweets

>> rfenwick Tragicomic confession time. I believe I still have tapes of all Children In Needs going back to 1993. 96 was the best
>> sarabedford Both Councillors Bedford have a letter in the Watford Observer today – and they are printed next to each other. Sweet!!
>> gselmer Pet Peeve: Using the word deconstruction to mean critique/analyze. Those words are not synonyms. (via @academicdave)
>> joswinson unfair trade rules: subsidised US rice & EU chickens imported to undercut Ghanaian farmers (more efficient, can’t compete with subsidy)
>> jamesgraham Maybe we should give the government the power to change all laws on a whim, to keep up with changes in technology?

5 top non-Lib Dem LibDig postings to look at

1. The new PCC chair will let journalism down too (Mark Pack | Liberal Conspiracy)
“Baroness Buscombe, the new chair of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), shows her true blue colours while failing to address the real issue facing journalists: not pay-walls or circulation falls, but lack of trust by the public.” – submitted by stephenftall.
2. Bloggers take issue with Buscombe over regulation (Roy Greenslade | Guardian)
“The PCC should be seeing bloggers as allies – people who often hold the media to account and highlight issues of low jouranlistic standards. Instead the PCC is rubbing up many bloggers the wrong way.” – submitted by markpack.
3. Lib Dems can keep £2.4m donation, rules watchdog (BBC News)
“The elections watchdog has ruled that the Liberal Democrats can keep £2.4m in donations which it had been suggested came from a fraudster.” – submitted by nigel ashton.
4. Why we report on disasters (Economist | Democracy In America)
“A warning not to over-read Sarah Palin’s high profile: “It is important for the press to remind ourselves periodically that it is possible for people to be powerful, famous, entertaining, and not very bright. We recently elected someone like that to two terms as president of the United States, and it was not a pleasant experience.” – submitted by stephenftall.
5. Er, that’s it this week, folks.

5 active LDV Members’ Forum threads

By-Elections: Should we be concerned?
Liberal Democrats immigration policy
Flexible working
“Classic ALDC” campaign
Strategic Thinking in your area

5 top reader search returns to get to LDV

(excluding Liberal Democrat Voice or its variants)

1. “code of conduct” “federal executive” rennard may
2. patrick murray lib dem
3. what is slavery
4. nick griffin barking
5. parliament has a shooting gallery

That’s yer lot, folks, from this latest bite of the LDV Friday Five (ish). Let the weekend commence in 5-4-3-2-1 …

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