@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2009-11-13

by Stephen Tall on November 13, 2009

  • so grateful it's Friday. Hellish week. Am off down the boozer. #
  • @lordbonkers But it's a start. #
  • Read great quote in Indy y'day: shyness is just "egotism out of its depth". #
  • weirdly it was attributed to Penelope Keith … who'd have thunk? #
  • working like a dog. A dog that uses a screwdriver and lifts heavy furniture, that is. You know the kind of breed. #
  • @alexfoster What about "Nick Clegg or chips?" #
  • is there anything, anywhere, ever more irritating than a slow internet connection? #
  • @markpack am running late, suggest @libdemvoice collective starts world domination without me. I'll join you to mop up after Pearl Harbour. #
  • @rfenwick Sundays are not a day for guillt. Did not our Lord say, "Chillax, man"? #
  • resenting sound time-keeping of rest of @libdemvoice team. Conspiracy to make me look crap. #
  • @markpack On Tube now, eta 15 mins? #
  • @ebagshaw Fancy writing an @libdemvoice article on #lybootcamp experience? #
  • how I love London. No Tubes and a mythical replacement bus service from an invisible bus stop. And it's cold + dark too. #
  • really quite pissed off that the back wheel of my bike's been stolen. (What was wrong with the rest of it?) #
  • And now discover all cycle repair shops fully booked (grr, students). Walk or buy a new one? #
  • Could Apple transform iTunes U into a global digital university http://tiny.cc/NFj86 Hmm, what about getting interaction and qualifications? #
  • RT @libdig MPs express anger at PCC phone hacking 'whitewash' (Guardian) http://libdig.co.uk/1618 <– PCC proves toothless, hold front page #
  • RT @libdig What #Trafigura can teach political parties and others http://libdig.co.uk/1619 <– prick up your ears + listen to @rfenwick #
  • two days in surprisingly inspiring leadership training … but head hurts from thinking. #

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