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by Stephen Tall on November 8, 2009

The Lib Dem Voice editorial colective is descending upon the Big Smoke today to plan ahead how to improve the site – so advance apologies for the slack blogging this afternoon. We will, of course, all be online and contactable via Twitter @libdemvoice if anyone has suggestions for items to add to our already over-long agenda.

In our survey following this year’s party conference, we asked LDV-reading party members for their views on our content – what you appreciate, what you don’t, and suggestions for improvements. Here are the features you told us you enjoy most, in descending order:

Opinion articles – 56%
Round-up of news coverage relating to the party – 54%
LDV site polls on topical issues – 36%
Members’ forum – 34%
YouTube video footage from conference – 31%
Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen – 27%
CommentIsLinked@LDV (now LibLink) – 25%
Daily View 2×2 – 24%
Audio podcasts of interviews / fringe events – 19%
None of them – 13%

From which it’s fairly clear (and probably unsurprising) that what most LDV readers most want from LDV are well-written, well-argued op-ed articles, together with a concise round-up of the most significant news from a party perspective – with other features regarded, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, as nice added-extras. We’ll continue to do our best to oblige – but are, of course, reliant on our readers to generate content, and to point us in the direction of stories we might otherwise miss. Thank you for all you do to help make the site the success it is – and please help us to keep it up in the future.

Some sad news for us here at the LDV Collective – Alix Mortimer of the award-winning The People’s Republic of Mortimer has decided to step down from our editorial team. We want to take this opportunity to thank Alix for all the enthusiasm, humour and common-sense she has brought to this site over the past year or so. On the plus-side we look forward to even more regular blogging on her own site – and perhaps the occasional guest post here at LDV.

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