The LDV Friday Five (ish): 6/11/09

by Stephen Tall on November 6, 2009

What could be simpler: five categories, each with five links. And it’s Friday.

5 most-read stories on LDV this week

1. David Nutt: why was he sacked? (49) by Mark Pack
2. Introducing the all-new website (37) by David Loxton
3. Watford’s liberal Lib Dem Mayor – what Iain Dale didn’t report (36) by Stephen Tall
4. “No one in Norfolk knows how to use Google” (13) by Mark Pack
5. Your Caroline Righton reader (1) by Mark Pack

5 recent Lib Dem tweets

>> JonBall @nickjbarlow Local party AGMs are *always* fun. Enjoy!
>> aligoldsworthy Sometimes i think i’m directionally challenged. I have nothing on this cabbie who i suspect would struggle to find his own foot.
>> allanmknox Thought 4 2day – time to get out of Afghanistan- time to get smarter dealing with our enemies -20th Century tactics don’t work in 2009
>> joswinson short interview from the #parl2010 event earlier this week re Twitter and politics, now available on YouTube:
>> MarkReckons Why do people keep saying this is now Obama’s first year? He didn’t actually take over until late January 2009!

5 top non-Lib Dem LibDig postings to look at

1. Congratulations to David Cameron and Trevor Kavanagh (Alistair Campbell)
“Ali C. is becoming an absolute must-read Labour blogger for me (though I hate his blog design): this is a fantastic piece, nailing Cameron’s image obsession, and his bigger, strategic failure on Europe.” – submitted by stephenftall.
2. How the X Factor twins make the case for electoral reform (Next Left)
Great post by Sunder Katwala: “We look forward to both David Cameron and the Labour first-past-the-post campaign making the case that John and Edward should now be declared X Factor winners. But I think it is right that you need to win a majority to have the X-Factor – and suggest it is a principle from which Westminster might learn.” – submitted by stephenftall.
3. Mail finally deletes comments hailing death (Liberal Conspiracy)
“Sigh. All too predictable.” – submitted by markpack.
4. Removal of David Nutt risks discouraging experts from giving opinion – Times
“Well said.” – submitted by markpack
5. Why women must win the size zero debate – Times Online
“”Ironically, the more women’s horizons expand, the smaller our range of beauty is supposed to be. The idea that we should all conform to a narrow template is not only wrong, it is damaging”” – submitted by markpack

5 active LDV Members’ Forum threads

From Limehouse to Bridlington
New banks for old?
Real Centre-Left Policies – What People Are Crying Out For
Elizabeth Truss – formerly LDYS?
Postal Voting – facts (beginning with Norwich North)

5 top reader search returns to get to LDV

(excluding Liberal Democrat Voice or its variants)

1. david nutt
2. “code of conduct” “federal executive” rennard may
3. patrick murray lib dem
4. lib dems poll in scotland
5. dave hodgson

That’s yer lot, folks, from this latest bite of the LDV Friday Five (ish). Let the weekend commence in 5-4-3-2-1 …

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