LDV doesn’t do statporn, but if we did (Oct. ‘09)

by Stephen Tall on November 2, 2009

… We’d say a big thank you to the 31,331 ‘absolute unique visitors’* who read Liberal Democrat Voice in October.
That’s a 10% uplift on last month’s readership, and a 38% increase on the same period a year ago, when just over 22,000 readers visited LDV.
This brings our absolute unique visitor readership for the last […]

Scottish Lib Dem conference: your LDV reader

by Stephen Tall on November 2, 2009

On Saturday, LDV reported the news that the Scottish Lib Dems were uniting behind leader Tavish Scott’s opposition to the SNP referendum on independence, ahead of a special private conference for party members. And so it came to pass, as the BBC reports:
Tavish Scott has consistently opposed a referendum, but some divisions within […]

Daily View 2×2: 2 November 2009

by Stephen Tall on November 2, 2009

With just 59 days til the end of the third millennium’s first decade, we can celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the birth of BBC1, and that it’s 49 years to the day since Penguin Books was found not guilty of obscenity in the Lady Chatterley’s Lover case.
2 Big Stories

Johnson faces backlash over decision to […]