LDVideo: Nick speaks about launch of Lib Dem tax plans

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

Here for LDV readers’ delectation is Nick Clegg speaking to camera just after launching the Lib Dems’ tax proposals for the next election: tax cuts for millions of people paid for by closing tax loopholes, making polluters pay and introducing a mansion tax on homes worth over £2m.

PS to the Lib Dem video production team […]

Vince’s revamped Mansion Tax gets ‘twumbs-up’ from Susan Kramer

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

Ever since the Lib Dems shadow chancellor Vince Cable launched his proposed Mansion Tax on an unsuspecting world in September, there has been a suspicion that neighbouring Richmond Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer – who faces a tough battle against trustafarian Tory Zac Goldsmith – was, how shall we put this?, a little less than […]

Zac Goldsmith’s non-dom tax status: your LDV reader

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

Plenty of coverage – both in the national media and on Lib Dem blogs – of the Sunday Times’ revelations that multimillionaire Tory candidate for Richmond Park Zac Goldsmith has ‘non-dom’ status to avoid paying tax in the UK on any of his offshore wealth.
Here’s what Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, Lib Dem Treasury […]

Nick Clegg announces new Lib Dem tax policies with emphasis on fairness

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

As I write, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are setting out the framework of ‘the party’s tax policies, the philosophical basis that underpins them and the contrast between the Liberal Democrats’ policies and those of the other two parties.’
This has been well trailed in the media this morning, with Nick conducting a series of […]

Those Lib Dem donation figures in full (Q3, 2009)

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

The Electoral Commission has published the latest donation and borrowing figures for the political parties this week, and its website allow us to gain a picture of the Lib Dems’ fundraising efforts over the years. Below is the full breakdown of cash and non-cash donations received by quarter since 2005, and annually between 2001 and […]

Daily View 2×2: 30 November 2009

by Stephen Tall on November 30, 2009

Welcome to a new week, and the anniversary of the end of the invasion of Iraq … first time round, that is – Operation Desert Storm officially finished in 1995. And happy birthday to David Mamet, Billy Idol, Lorraine Kelly and Gary Lineker and Gael García Bernal. On with the day …
2 Must-Read Blog Posts

What […]

Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #145

by Stephen Tall on November 29, 2009

Welcome to the 145th of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (22nd – 28th November 2009), together with a hand-picked quintet, partly courtesy of LibDig, you might otherwise have missed.
Don’t forget, by the way, you can now sign up to […]

The LDV Saturday caption competition – the Nick ‘n’ Vince show

by Stephen Tall on November 28, 2009

There’s no prize at stake – just the opportunity to prove you’re wittier than any other LDV reader …

Here’s the Lib Dem leadership duumvirate of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable – what do you think they might be saying to each other, or thinking about each other?
The winner of last week’s caption competition, Nick Clegg’s […]

LDVideo … Mandy, Clegg and Coulson

by Stephen Tall on November 28, 2009

Welcome to the latest LDVideo instalment, featuring three of the most memorable video clips doing the rounds on the blogosphere.
First up, is a rather catchy little email ditty in honour of Lord Mandelson’s implausible-but-deadly-serious Digital Econmy Bill, courtesy of Dan Bull:

As Dan would wish me to add: If you disapprove of the Bill, sign the […]

Even top Tory admits their shadow cabinet “haven’t run a piss-up in a brewery”

by Stephen Tall on November 28, 2009

The Public Finance website reports the comments of Stephen Greenhalgh, Tory leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and head of the Conservative councils’ innovation unit, at a debate two days ago:
‘My mates are all in the shadow Cabinet, waiting to get those [ministerial] boxes, being terribly excited. I went to university with […]