The LDV Friday Five (ish): 23/10/09

by Stephen Tall on October 23, 2009

What could be simpler: five categories, each with five links. And it’s Friday.

5 most-read stories on LDV this week

1. Bedford Mayoral Election … Lib Dems’ Dave Hogdson WINS! (30) by Stephen Tall
2. Jan Moir: the dilemma for the PCC (and what you should say in your complaint) (17) by Mark Pack
3. Bedford mayoral election … Lib Dems’ Dave Hodgson ahead on 1st preferences (3) by Stephen Tall
4. +++ Parliamentary authorities clear Lord Rennard of breaking expense rules (28) by Mark Pack
5. The police get a bit of a surprise when they try to stop someone taking photos (7) by Mark Pack

5 recent Lib Dem tweets

>> chriskeating Please RT new Pledge “I will donate £10 buy Nick Griffin a one-way plane ticket to a faraway country never to return…”
>> asquith Got #bbcqt taped at my mum’s house, wondering whether to bother watching. Should I?
>> jamesgraham We really need to nail this “indigenous people” lie of Griffin’s. We wiped out the indigenous people of Britain – the Neanderthals.
>> kwisstan this recession is longest since records began 55 years ago, 6 quarters of negative growth.
>> SandraGidley Doesn’t Nick Griffin understand that the questions are asked by audience – of course a lot of them related to BNP!

5 top non-Lib Dem LibDig postings to look at

1. Why there was nothing ‘human’ about Jan Moir’s column on the death of Gately (Charlie Brooker, Guardian): “Jan Moir receives a brutal fisking, in flagrante, from Charlie Brooker. It isn’t being ghoulish to speculate that this sort of lifestyle choice may lead to a sticky end.” – submitted by james.graham.
2. Heresy Corner: Abusing the evidence: “Excellent post by Heresiarch highlighting how the government pursues “policy based evidence-making”.” – submitted by MarkThopmson.
3. Conservatives will repeat economic mistakes of 1930s | Business | The Observer: “Headline says it all…” – submitted by mpntod.
4. 85 wordpress plugins for blogging journalists (Online Journalism Blog): “Oooh, it’s like a Christmas grotto for WP techno-geeks.” – submitted by stephenftall.
5. Poles, Politeness and Politics in the age of Twitter « Stephen Fry: “An interesting essay, although I think he misunderstands that political parties a) would love his influence on Twitter and b) almost certainly could never have it.” – submitted by james.graham

5 active LDV Members’ Forum threads

All-women shortlists
Open primaries? Why not STV instead?
Bedford Mayoral Election
Press freedom?
Membership up?

5 top reader search returns to get to LDV

(excluding Liberal Democrat Voice or its variants)

1. bedford mayor election
2. dave hodgson
3. bedford mayoral election
4. jan moir
5. bedford mayor

That’s yer lot, folks, from this latest bite of the LDV Friday Five (ish). Let the weekend commence in 5-4-3-2-1 …

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