LDV readers say: Yes to Vince’s ‘Mansion Tax’

by Stephen Tall on October 22, 2009

Was it only a month ago we were in the throes of the Lib Dem conference? How time flies. Cast your minds back four weeks, and the Lib Dems’ shadow chancellor, Vince Cable, made a few waves by announcing his wish to introduce a new tax, quickly dubbed the ‘Mansion Tax’, of 0.5% on the […]

Nick Griffin’s verdict on Chris Huhne

by Stephen Tall on October 22, 2009

Ahead of tonight’s BBC1 Question Time – featuring the BNP leader Nick Griffin – The Guardian reports his verdicts on his fellow panellists. Here’s what he said about Chris Huhne, the L:ib Dems’ shadow home secretary:

Big hitter. Menzies Campbell would have been more daunting.”
And here’s what he said about the other panellists:
Bonnie Greer, American […]