See me live on teh Internets – Govt2010 conference: Blogging, Social Media and New Media @10.30 am, 22/10/09

by Stephen Tall on October 21, 2009

I’m speaking tomorrow, Thursday 22 October, at the Government 2010 conference as part of a panel discussion on ‘Blogging, Social Media and New Media’.

It’s chaired by Iain Dale (who else?), and I’ll be on a panel alongside fellow bloggers, Mick Fealty and Craig Elder, as well as Adam Parker, CEO of Realwire. Iain has helpfully provided all the speakers with an in-depth brief: “look at how social and new media can be utilized by governments and oppositions”. That narrows it down a bit, then.

The conference aims, I gather, to “examine how next generation government is set to change in the light of social, media and technology change”.

But the all-important question you’re really wanting to know is this: how you can watch me live, and free of charge, on the interweb? Well, it’s being live webcast here all day: my sessions starts at 10.30 am.