Lib Dem Voice has a new co-editor

by Stephen Tall on October 21, 2009

A parish notice on behalf of the LDV team …

I am delighted to announce that Mark Pack is joining me as Co-Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, effective immediately. Mark was a founding member of LDV, alongside Rob Fenwick, back in August 2006. His first post was entitled, Ming Campbell movie online. Ah, those were the days.

Over the past three years Mark has made a huge contribution to making this site the success it is, helping build LDV’s monthly readership to over 30,000 unique visitors, and ranked as one of the top 5 blogs in the UK.

I first asked Mark to consider becoming Co-Editor with me when he left his job working for the party as Head of Innovations in June. Understandably, he felt he needed to devote his full attentions to his new job. However, I’m delilghted that he has now agreed to take on the position.

We look forward to working alongside each other in the months ahead to improve LDV still further; alongside, of course, the rest of the LDV Collective, our fellow Contributing Editors – Alex Foster, Helen Duffett, Alix Mortimer, Richard Huzzey and Iain Roberts – and the technical genius upon whom LDV is utterly dependent, Ryan Cullen.

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