Clegg: Tories “should come clean” on attempts to airbrush Kaminski’s far right past

by Stephen Tall on October 18, 2009

The Observer has the story:

The Tories were last night accused of a “systematic cover-up” when it emerged that someone at the House of Commons had deleted internet details about a key European ally with a far-right past. Politically embarrassing information about Michal Kaminski, a Polish politician who now leads the Tories in the European parliament, was removed from Wikipedia by someone in the Commons three days after the alliance was formed.

Chris Bryant, the government’s new minister for Europe, called on the Conservatives to “come clean” after the?Observer discovered that details of Kaminski’s previous membership of the far-right National Revival of Poland party had been mysteriously removed.

The information was deleted on 25?June by someone using a computer connection directly traceable to the House of Commons. The European Conservatives and Reformists Group, which Kaminski leads and in which the Tories are founder members, was formed on 22 June.

Also on 25 June, alterations were made to the Wikipedia page on Edward McMillan-Scott, the Tory MEP who raised concerns about Kaminski, and was then expelled from the party. The changes – designed to portray McMillan-Scott as a europhile – were made from a computer with an internet IP address named “Strasburg”.

Nick Clegg is quoted:

The Conservative party should come clean. If this is the Tory party trying to airbrush the embarrassing past of their new friend in Europe from the record, they should have the courage to say so. However much they try, the Conservatives will never be able to hide the fact that they have jumped into bed with extremists.”

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