Lembit: it’s time to pull out of Afghanistan

by Stephen Tall on October 17, 2009

Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik makes the argument in (where else?) his Daily Sport political column:

I AM delighted to see the Daily Sport taking a courageous and honest stand against the unwinnable and hopelessly expensive war in Afghanistan. The only WAY OUT is to PULL OUT. Then we can start talks with the other side and find a better way to sort out the mess. In hundreds of years, nobody’s ever beaten the Afghans on their home turf. It’s an away match the British and Americans cannot win — not least because, when they were our friends, we actually trained the enemy we’re now trying to defeat! So a gold star to the Sport for having the vision to call for troop withdrawal. I only hope other newspapers will have the sense to follow this paper’s lead. Any other plan is a strategy for failure, and a death warrant for even more of our brave soldiers.

What do LDV readers think – is Lembit right to call for British withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan? Or is a new surge necessary to win the war we started?

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