YouTube ‘cos we want to: bumper conference catch-up special edition

by Stephen Tall on September 24, 2009

Welcome to this very special bumper conference edition of our occasional LDV feature, YouTube ‘cos we want to, featuring some of the most memorable moments from the past week. For those Lib Dems who’ve been isolated inside the ‘Bournemouth bubble’, missing out on all the media coverage I hope this selection of clips gives you a sense of what you missed while you were, erm, there.

From Nick’s leader’s speech to Vince’s dust-up with Paxman on Newsnight, Chris Davies’s rant to the Huhne ‘n’ Pickles show on Radio 4 – it’s all collected here for your viewing/listening pleasure. Enjoy …

Nick Clegg’s conference speech in full

Ming Campbell and Evan Harris clash on air

Chris Huhne clashes with Eric Pickles on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Vince Cable’s speech to the Lib Dem conference

Vince Cable at 2009 spring conference

Chris Davies MEP on expenses fiddle MPs: “I hate the dirty cheating bastards”

Ed Davey sticks up for Vince Cable’s ‘mansion tax’ proposal

Vince Cable sticks up for Vince Cable’s ‘mansion tax’ proposal

Vince Cable goes head-to-head with Jeremy Paxman over ‘mansion tax’

Nick Clegg calls David Cameron the con-man of British politics

Hat-tip to PoliticsHome for many of the videos embedded here.

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