LDV pre-conference members’ survey (2): leading Lib Dems’ approval ratings

by Stephen Tall on September 17, 2009

Over the last week or so, Lib Dem Voice has invited the members of our private forum (open to all Lib Dem members) inviting them to take part in a survey, conducted via Liberty Research, asking a number of questions about the party and the current state of British politics. Many thanks to the c.250 of you who completed it; we’re publishing the results on LDV over the next few days. You can catch up on the results of our exclusive LDV members’ surveys by clicking here.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the satsfaction ratings with the Lib Dem shadow cabinet; but today we’re going to focus on those leading Lib Dems beyond Westminster.

LDV asked, How would you rate the performances of the following leading Liberal Democrats? And here’s what you told us (with results from April – the last time LDV asked the question – in brackets):

Fiona Hall, Leader of the UK Lib Dem MEPs:
Quite/very effective 17%, Quite/very ineffective 23%
Net effectiveness rating: -6% (-11% for Andrew Duff in April)

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats:
Quite/very effective 45%, Quite/very ineffective 11%
Net effectiveness rating: +34% (+42% in April)

Mike Tuffrey, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the London Assembly:
Quite/very effective 14%, Quite/very ineffective 27%
Net effectiveness rating: -13% (-17% in April)

Ros Scott, Party President of the Liberal Democrats:
Quite/very effective 47%, Quite/very ineffective 32%
Net effectiveness rating: +15% (+50% in April)

Tavish Scott MSP, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats:
Quite/very effective 34%, Quite/very ineffective 24%
Net effectiveness rating: +10% (+15% in April)

Interesting results:

  • Fiona and Mike have yet to develop strong profiles within the party, with some 60% of party members who completed the LDV survey feeling unable to rate their performances as effective or not. Fiona, it’s only fair to note, has only been in the role a matter of months.
  • both Kirsty’s and Tavish’s ratings have slipped a little, just as Nick Clegg’s have. I suspect there’s something about the summer break, when political news often takes a backseat, and our leaders seem quieter than usual, which results in slightly lower approval ratings.
  • there is an undeniable and marked decline in the approval ratings for Ros, down from +50% to +15%. There’s little doubt this is the result of the MPs’ expenses scandal, and in particular the perception that the party leadership – and Ros in particular as president – has failed adequately to address the continuing question marks about former Lib Dem chief executive Lord (Chris) Rennard’s House of Lords expenses claims.
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