CK and Ming are most-missed political big-hitters

by Stephen Tall on September 8, 2009

PoliticsHome has the low-down:

Charles Kennedy and Sir Menzies Campbell are the former political ‘big beasts’ that the public would most like to see more of, according to a new PoliticsHome poll. 1,228 UK adults were shown a list of former political big hitters and asked to tick all of those they would like to see return to prominence.

The two former Lib Dem leaders were the most popular choices, with just over a third of people (thirty four per cent) wishing for Kennedy’s return, and twenty two per cent backing Campbell. Kennedy was the most popular choice among supporters of all political parties and none.

For the record, here’s the list of former big-hitters missed most by Lib Dem supporters, and whom we’d – apparently – like to see more of:

Charles Kennedy – 64%
Ming Campbell – 48%
Charles Clarke – 18%
None of these – 16%
David Blunkett – 14%
Tony Blair – 13%
John Prescott – 13%
Other – 12%
Ruth Kelly – 1%

An interesting and diverting poll, which on the bright side shows the cross-over appeal of our two most recent party leaders. Looked at another way, though, the figures do suggest more than one-half and one-third of ib Dem supporters are glad to see the backs of Ming and CK respectively… Best not to dwell on that conclusion, chaps.

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