Is Gordon safe?

by Stephen Tall on September 6, 2009

Martin Kettle’s article in The Guardian – suggesting that the week beginning 12th October is make-or-break week for those Labour MPs who’d like to oust Gordon Brown – has sparked a fresh bout of Labour leadership speculation. The Economist’s Bagehot is having none of it:

Labour MPs have had their chance. And it wasn’t in June 2009 or in October 2008. It was in 2007, when almost all of them lined up, baa-ing, to endorse Mr Brown. They were too numbed by more than a decade of unthinking obedience and by cowardice to do anything else. That is a fact and a failing that, however uncomfortable it seems, they will have to live with between now and the general election—and, if it proves as calamitous as seems likely, for a long time afterwards.

A fair observation – but is it an accurate one? Might Labour have time for one last putsch; and if Mr Brown was elbowed aside (or, more unlikely still, voluntarily departed) would it be enough to save the party from a landslide loss at next year’s election? What do LDV’s readers you think?