YouTube 'cos we want to: Kennedy, Fox News and X-Factor

by Stephen Tall on August 29, 2009

Welcome to the return of our regular Saturday fix of a trio of videos doing the political rounds. You can catch up on our previous outings by clicking here.

First up, this week’s news over the pond has been dominated by the death of Senator Edward Kennedy – here’s an excerpt from his famous “The Dream Shall Never Die” speech to the Democratic Party’s 1980 national convention in which he formally ended his Presidential aspirations:

Secondly, US comedian Jon Stewart is on top-form in this clip from his Daily Show, exposing how Fox News has (whisper it gently) gone all liberal on us:

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And finally for today, let’s step beyond the realm of politics. ITV’s The X-Factor is back, and last week’s star turn was without doubt Danyl Johnson, whose charismatic performance probably did more than this week’s GCSE results to boost the teaching profession’s reputation:

by littlemisssoccer
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