Top of the Blogs: The Golden Ton (Nos. 41-60)

by Stephen Tall on August 12, 2009

‘Tis the season for lists… All this week we are publishing the top 100 posts by Lib Dem bloggers, in descending order of popularity, for the last year – August 2008 to July 2009, inclusive, according to click-throughs from the Aggregator.

(Profuse thanks to techno-wizard and stat-monkey Ryan Cullen for compiling this table.)

In today’s third instalment we run through 41-60:

41. Opinion: Have the Tories gone mad, or am I missing something? (Lib Dem Voice)
42. Quite simply, the best headline in a Labour leaflet – ever (Lib Dem Voice)
43. My cat and Ren? Kinzett (Peter Black)
44. Are Lib Dems ‘down in the dumps’? (Darrell Goodliffe)
45. Con Home – there are ‘only 2,600 Lib Dems in Wales’ (Darrell Goodliffe)
46. Careless talk costs lives (Bernard Salmon)
47. By-election candidate selection continued… (Mark Valladares)
48. The common touch (Peter Black)
49. Norman Tebbit Is An Undead Christmas Present For Labour (Alex Wilcock)
50. Charles Darwin had blogger’s block too (Helen Duffett)
51. The strange death of the Conservative Party (Martin Land)
52. EXCLUSIVE: Lembit answers questions (Irfan Ahmed)
53. The uniqueness of the Welsh Liberal Democrats (Peter Black)
54. Norwich North was a triumph for Rennardism (Jonathan Calder)
55. Have the Lib Dems lost the plot in Norwich? (James Graham)
56. Liberal Youth Elections- fought between factions (Alasdair Wood)
57. Aberdeenshire and the Executive Committee (Ruaraidh Dobson)
58. A Watford Conservative speaks about Ian Oakley (Sara Bedford)
59. As Lib Dems Surge To Second Place, Polls and Papers Say – Vote Lib Dem To Really Hurt Gordon Brown (Alex Wilcock)
60. Another success for Will Howells, Guitar Tutor (Helen Duffett)

Top of the Blogs: The Golden Ton (Nos. 81-100)
Top of the Blogs: The Golden Ton (Nos. 61-80)

With thanks to all Lib Dem bloggers for making the last year such a memorable one.

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Scores on the doors:

James Graham: 6
Alex Wilcock: 5
Peter Black: 4
Lib Dem Voice: 4
Costigan Quist: 4
Helen Duffett: 3
John Abrams: 3
Jonathan Calder: 3
Darrell Goodliffe: 2
Duncan Borrowman: 2
Sara Bedford: 2
Mark Valladares: 2
Steve Cooke: 1
Paul Walter: 1
Andrew Porrer: 1
Anders Hanson: 1
Barrie Wood: 1
Jock Coats: 1
Andy Strange: 1
Antony Hook: 1
Paul Walter: 1
Huw Dawson: 1
Liberal Vision: 1
Jonathan Fryer: 1
Jennie Rigg: 1
Alex Folkes: 1
Julian Harris: 1
Bernard Salmon: 1
Martin Land: 1
Irfan Ahmed: 1
Alasdair Wood: 1
Ruaraidh Dobson: 1

I’m impressed I’ve lasted this long at the top but I doubt I will survive the deathmatch tomorrow.

by James Graham on August 12, 2009 at 11:34 pm. Reply #

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