Top of the Blogs: The Golden Ton (Nos. 81-100)

by Stephen Tall on August 10, 2009

‘Tis the season for lists… All this week we are publishing the top 100 posts by Lib Dem bloggers, in descending order of popularity, for the last year – August 2008 to July 2009, inclusive, according to click-throughs from the Aggregator.

(Profuse thanks to techno-wizard and stat-monkey Ryan Cullen for compiling this table.)

In today’s first instalment we run through 81-100:

81. A tribute to Colin Rosenstiel (Jonathan Calder)
82. Liberals should be supporting Carol Thatcher (‘Costigan Quist’)
83. Three thoughts on Nick Clegg’s flight to Inverness (Jonathan Calder)
84. What is there, apart from Vince Cable, that’s good about the Lib Dems? (Jennie Rigg)
85. Read all about it: Ian Oakley sentenced (Sara Bedford)
87. 2009: worst local elections ever? (James Graham)
88. County Council elections – the reason why they aren’t quite finished yet… (Mark Valladares)
89. Liberal Democrat candidate silenced in Redbridge (Helen Duffett)
90. How Liberal are the Liberal Democrats (Alex Folkes)
91. Exclusive: Eye-Witness Account of Adrian Sanders’ Violence (Julian Harris)
92. Nasty party after all… (James Graham)
93. Iain Dale calls Lib Dem candidate a “whore” (James Graham)
94. The trouble with “Rennardism” (clue: it isn’t the leaflets) (James Graham)
95. New EU Tory Leader “Essentially A Fascist” Says Tory MEP (Alex Wilcock)
96. Will Lib Dem MPs be shamed in July’s receipts apocalypse? (Lib Dem Voice)
97. Emily Thornberry’s acid drops (John Abrams)
98. Time for London Region Liberal Democrats to go back to the drawing board (Duncan Borrowman)
99. Lembit Opik: real men hate women (James Graham)
100. BNP Membership list published on- line (Peter Black)

With thanks to all Lib Dem bloggers for making the last year such a memorable one.