Huhne: G20 report highlights inadequate police strategies

by Stephen Tall on July 7, 2009

No sooner had LDV reported this morning on the continuing questiuons over police tactics at last year’s Kingsnorth climate camp than Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary’s (HMIC) report on the G20 protests was published showing that police crowd control tactics are ‘inadequate’ and should be reviewed.

Commenting, Chris Huhne, Lib Dem shadow home secretary, said:

Aspects of the policing of the G20 protests clearly fell far short of what this country expects. This report documents not just failures of individual discipline, but inadequate police strategies and training for dealing with peaceful protest.

“HMIC is right to say that the police should assume protests are peaceful and facilitate them unless proved to be otherwise. We need to be more tolerant of protest in a democratic society, as all of us occasionally find ourselves in a minority that feels strongly on an issue.”

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