The LDV Saturday Open Thread (4 July ‘09): what’s on your mind?

by Stephen Tall on July 4, 2009

We don’t do an LDV Daily View 2 x 2 round-up on Saturdays, so instead here’s an open thread. What stories have caught your eye? What issues are on your mind? Are you mourning Andy Murray’s Wimbledon semi-final defeat? Are you looking forward to the cooler weather? Or have you spotted an interesting political story, perhaps even one connected to the Lib Dems? And what do you make of Sarah Palin’s decision to step down as Alaskan governor? Discuss away in the comments below…

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The most haunting human story this week,is the discovery of the decomposed body of Isabella Puvez, whom would have been 90 years old and was found dead in her flat, in Cannonmills, in Edinbugh.

Post was piled up on her door mat going back five years and her pension apparently posted into her account throughout the period.

I ask for views on that sense of a close caring community neighbourhood, especially,in the experience of all residents living alone and sometimes without visiting friends or relatives?

David Laws was a tour de force on the last memorable edition of `Question Time’ taking on the `Red Book’ stultified Harriet Harman,on the Railways -too often not being seen as loss making for user and taxpayer and the case put for the release of Ronnie Biggs.

I believe that there is a good case to release Ronnie Biggs, despite the gravity of his crime in 1963 and his part in the `Great Train Robbery’ and that Biggs has not shown any sign of remorse.

There are two salient reasons that include that Biggs is now being penalised,under change of legal rules, by being the last convicted prisoner, not to be released on the say of the Parole Board decision, that from now, will be final word, for those recommended for early release, in the future.

Michael Biggs has spoken with humanity in a way, that suggests that it would now be humane for father and son to be be together, at the last and at home, as Biggs senior is now very sick and in prison hospital and can hardly speak.

David Laws said on BBC Question Time Ronnie Biggs should be released due to the high cost on the tax payer in keeping him in the prison hospital.

by Cllr Patrick Smith on July 4, 2009 at 8:39 am. Reply #

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