LDV Weekend Meme: fantasy liberal cabinet

by Stephen Tall on June 28, 2009

Okay, so here’s a parlour game full of fun and frolics for all the family – name your top Lib Dem (or predecessor parties) MPs, living or dead, to fill your dream liberal cabinet. Here’s the tougher criterion: your choices must also be team players, capable of hanging together rather than separately, rather than simply brilliantly egotistical individuals (hence my exclusion of Winston Churchill, for example). Feel free to suggest their perfect cabinet positions.

My attempt is below. I’ve doubtless missed out some obvious choices, and misplaced some I’ve chosen. But, still, I can’t help feeling my fantasy liberal cabinet would do a better job than the current one … or the next one, for that matter.

Henry Campbell-Bannerman – Prime Minister
Vincent Cable – Chancellor of the Exchequer
Nick Clegg – Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Roy Jenkins – Home Secretary
Menzies Campbell – Justice
William Beveridge – Work & Pensions
David Lloyd George – Health
Jo Grimond – Education
Chris Huhne – Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
David Steel – Energy and Climate Change
Archibald Sinclair – Transport
Paddy Ashdown – Defence
Shirley Williams – International Development
David Penhaligon – Communities and Local Government
Charles Kennedy – Constitutional Affairs
Jeremy Thorpe – Culture, Media and Sport
David Laws – Chief Secretary to the Treasury

As is customary with the LDV Weekend memes, I’m tagging all Lib Dem bloggers – but especially those who appeared in the most recent Golden Dozen: Mark Littlewood, Stephen Glenn, Mark Valladares, Helen Duffett, Jonathan Wallace, ‘Grumpy Old Liberal’, Andy Darley, ‘Costigan Quist’, Jennie Rigg, Millennium Elephant and David Matthewman.