Express reveals god-like Vince is human after all

by Stephen Tall on June 21, 2009

Will Vince Cable’s reputation for economic foresight ever recover from today’s shocking Express revelation that the Lib Dem shadow chancellor:

… received 19 reminders and warnings from utility firms and office equipment suppliers during 2005-6. His electricity and gas suppliers both threatened to cut off his constituency office over non-payment of bills. Disconnection usually only takes place in cases of persistent non-payment.

The following year he received a further total of 13 reminders and warnings. The office supply firm GE Capital Equipment claimed a total of £190 for overdue payments and “defaults”. These extra costs all appear to have been charged to the taxpayer.

In a statement last night, Dr Cable said: “I have a very busy constituency office and all expenses claims need to be signed off by me. We try to pay all of the bills as soon as possible, but occasionally things can slip through the net.”