LDV readers say: yes to Alternative Vote over first-past-the-post

by Stephen Tall on June 20, 2009

Cast your minds back 10 days, and there was a flurry of excitement at the prospect of Gordon Brown deciding to do something radical, and reform the voting system. It wasn’t long before the Prime Minister was back-tracking to make clear that he was simply in favour of reviewing the situation. But still the prospect of voting reform prompted LDV to ask the forced question: “Should Lib Dems back the Alternative Vote in a referendum if it’s the only option for voting reform?”

Here’s what you told us:

51% (175 votes): Yes, it’s better than first-past-the-post
35% (122): No, we should hold out for a truly proportional system
9% (32): No, we should stick with first-past-the-post
5% (16): Other
Total Votes: 345. Poll ran: 10th-17th June 2009

So, there you have it – though it may not be a proportional voting system, a bare majority of LDV readers would rather opt for the Alternative Vote over first-past-the-post.