Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #121

by Stephen Tall on June 14, 2009

Welcome to the 121st of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (7th-13th June 2009), together with a hand-picked quintet, mostly courtesy of LibDig, you might otherwise have missed.

As ever, let’s start with the most popular post, and work our way down.

1. European elections: rolling results news
on Lib Dem Voice.
Tracking last Sunday night’s election fever.

2. Pipped at the Post on Jonathan Fryer’s blog.
One of the biggest disappointments of the European elections.

3. On the 2009 local election results – an update on Neil Stockley’s blog.
‘2009 is shaping up as the year of the minor parties.’

4. Ros Scott and the disappearing disappeared blog story
by Julian Harris on Liberal Vision’s blog.
The continuing saga of Chris Rennard’s expenses and the Party President’s role in the inquiry into them.

5. NEW POLL: should the Lib Dems support AV? by Stephen Tall on Lib Dem Voice.
Ah, the question we all hate to love. Or love to hate.

6. Why people vote BNP on John’s Liberal Revolution blog.
Click through the links and you arrive here.

7. Jo Swinson and those complaints on James Graham’s Quaequam Blog!
Trying to deliver Justice for Jo. (Gratuitous plug: see also LDV here.)

And now to the five blog-posts that come highly recommended regardless of the number of Aggregator click-throughs they attracted. As is now traditional we’re using the LibDig widget to select some of the posts from the seven days in question which you’ve most ‘dug’. But, remember, if you want to highlight a Lib Dem blog article published in the past seven days – your own, or someone else’s – using the steam-powered method of e-mail all you have to do is drop me a line at (providing the web-link and author, and any tagline comment you care to have published).

8. The Case for a British Bill of Rights on Alexander Ryland’s Lamp of Liberty blog.
“In an article submitted to Unlock Democracy, I describe the case for a Bill of Rights in Britain and the necessary liberal approach to politics that must accompany it to ensure our citizens are truly free.” (Submitted by alexanderryland via LibDig).

9. BNP voters come in two flavours: scum and idiots on James Graham’s Quaequam Blog!
“James saying we need to get the gloves off and show up the BNP and its voters.” (Submkitted by caron via LibDig).

10. Do feminist attacks on the objectification of women stand up?
on ‘Costigan Quist’s’ Himmelgarten Cafe blog.
“Costigan Quist analyses objectification and argues that it doesn’t stand up as factually presenting the threats proposed – and that liberals can’t deny people’s right to allow themselves to be objectified if they choose.” (Submitted by po8crg via LibDig).

11. Politicians will be held to account more easily in the future on Mark Thompson’s Mark Reckons blog.
“Mark’s warning that politicians may try to run from their previous sayings, but new technology means they won’t be able to hide.” (Submitted by caron via LibDig).

12. Who says the Tories don’t lie with their bar charts on leaflets in Norwich North?
on Nich Starling’s Norfolk Blogger blog.
“Ready your rulers. Norfolk Blogger is on the case.” (Submitted by markpack via LibDig). See also Tory bar chart takes the biscuit on ‘Costigan Quist’s’ Himmelgarten Cafe blog. “Tories fail to get point of bar charts.” (Submitted by darren.reynolds via LibDig).

That’s it for another week. Happy blogging.

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why doesn’t this story make the list –

tut tut tut

by ollie on June 14, 2009 at 10:16 pm. Reply #

Lol you’re probably used to patronising your own readership.

No, it’s a story about the Lib Dems – a serious one, I think – it’s source has nothing to do with anything. If that was the case, why are you showing the Norwich bar chart…a Tory blogpost?

Try again.

by ollie on June 15, 2009 at 2:27 pm. Reply #

ollie – in case Mark’s comment wasn’t clear enough, the Golden Dozen blog-post (y’know, *this one*, the thread you’re commenting on) covers only and exclusively Lib Dem blog postings. As stated in the first sentence.

by Stephen Tall on June 15, 2009 at 7:10 pm. Reply #

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