Local elections – Friday open thread

by Stephen Tall on June 5, 2009

English local election results will be pouring in throughout the day. Lib Dem Voice will try and keep you abreast of what’s happening across the country, as we did throughout Thursday night with our open thread – many thanks in particular to those commenting who were able to break the good news that the Lib Dems had taken majority control of Bristol City Council amid disastrous results for Labour. Please do keep the news coming in from wherever you live.

As at 9.50 am, the BBC results scoreboard is telling me that the Lib Dems are the only party showing net gains in both numbers of councillors and councils controlled (+1 in each category).

Let’s see what the rest of the day brings, especially in the south-west (Devon and Cornwall, which Lib Dems are defending) and in Somerset, where Lib Dems currently have minority control of the hung council.


Conservatives have taken control of Nottinghamshire.

Labour have come fourth behind the Monster Raving Loony Party in a ward in Huntingdonshire.

Lib Dem candidates have defeated the Conservative leader in Cumbria and the Labour leader in Nottinghamshire.

Lib Dems take Colchester Maypole from Labour.

Lib Dems take Wellesbourne, Studley and both seats in Stratford South from the Tories in Warwickshire. All in the Stratford on Avon district.

Hampshire: across our three Parliamentary seats of Eastleigh, Romsey and Winchester, we held all our marginal wards against the Conservatives, with many big increases in majorities.

Essex: three gains from the Tories now.

South West: Somerset and Devon look to be lost to the Conservatives. Awaiting further news from Cornwall.

Lancashire County Council: five gains have been declared in Burnley, though two losses elsewhere in county. Looks like Conservatives will take control.

One gain from the Tories in Watford.

BNP gain seat on Lancashire County Council.

Sky projects from local election results to a Tory landslide general election result, with number of Liberal Democrat seats creeping up.

Ashfield: election results in Geoff Hoon’s backyard looking very bad for Labour.

Somerset: Conservatives take control of the county council from the Liberal Democrats.

Guardian piece on fantastic victory in Bristol. Congratulations to everyone in the accompanying picture for managing to look mostly normal despite having mouths open and arms in air.

Labour lose control of Staffordshire. May end the day without having got control of any council up for election today.

Not only Labour facing wipe out in Burnley, also struggling to hold last seat in Westmorland.

News also starting to come in from up north with gains for Lib Dems in Burnley and Labour struggling to win any seat. May yet cling on to one seat.

Hampshire results looking good. Expect to hold all seats against Tories in Winchester. But Somerset isn’t good.

Nick Clegg’s reaction to the results so far: watch it via The Telegraph.

Hunt the Labour vote: seems to be a competition going amongst counting agents in some places to play “spot the ballot box with the worst Labour vote”. One in Hampshire is winning at the moment with only one Labour ballot paper.

Lib Dem vs Tories in southern England: looks to be a mixed picture. No big Tory tide sweeping all before it, but there will be some good individual results for them. However, Lib Dems also gaining from Tories in other places – such as East Surrey, Woking, Norfolk and Eastbourne, where we’re +1 against the Tories in each.

Hartlepool: independent Mayor Stuart Drummond (he of monkey mascot fame) has been re-elected, again.

Lincolnshire: very good results for the Conservatives with gain of 15 seats so far. Their vote also up, but only by half the Labour fall as other candidates put on the votes. Pointer for other results and Euros perhaps?

Polling day is over but the ads continue: lots of Conservative Google Ads urging people to vote Conservative in the European elections are still appearing on sites. Someone forgot to pull the plug or Google being slow to update?

Eric Pickles’ home patch: Lib Dems gain two seats from the Conservatives. Overall on Essex County Council it’s some Lib Dem gains, more Tory gains and lots of Labour losses.

Weirdest knocking up tale so far: Conservatives tried knocking up the Liberal Democrat committee room in the Vauxhall (London) by-election.