YouTube 'cos we want to: McKay, Vince and Nads

by Stephen Tall on May 30, 2009

It’s the weekend, so why not sit back in your sofa/deckchair and enjoy the following three poltical videos from the past week…

First up, is Andreew Mackay the soon-to-be-former Tory MP for Bracknell and close aide of David Cameron, who was this week forced to quit after the extent of the anger of his constituents became clear. Initially Mr Mackay attempted to claim the mood of the meeting was very much in his favour – unfortunately for him, the video evidence suggested otherwise:

Next up, we have that mellow yellow man for our times, Vince Cable, in this rather endearing tribute from those fluffy bunnies at Liberal Vision:

And finally for today, we celebrate the return of mercurial Tory MP Nadine Dorries to the blogosphere, after her temporary banning by those saviours of democracy at the Telegraph, with this fantastic video from Beau Bo D’or, splicing Nads and Lady Di’s equally gut heart-wrenching interviews:

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I am the chap asking the second set of questions in the Andrew MacKay meeting video (balcony at the front).

I actually felt sorry for him by the end of the meeting but as soon as he started trying to claim that he had 75% support on the media, my sympathy evaporated. It was no surprise the next day when he quit and that was before the video had even got out, although I have heard that Cameron had seen it.

by Mark Reckons on May 30, 2009 at 9:34 pm. Reply #

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